Equipment overview as of September 2013…

So a quick overview of my latest set-up would be:

  • HP Envy with an i5 processor, 6mb of RAM and a solid-state drive (effectively a large 120gb memory card) RRP £500-ish
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 external USB recording interface (2 mono inputs, line or mic/ jack or XLR) RRP £120-ish
  • Behringer B2 dual diaphragm condenser mic (powered) RRP £100-ish
  • Rode M3 single diaphragm condenser mic (powered) RRP £100-ish
  • Alto 4 channel mixer RRP £40
  • Sennheiser Cardiod dynamic mic (e series – bit like an SM57/58) RRP £100-ish
  • Sweet sweet Ltd Ed silver Gibson SG RRP £1000-ish
  • Ear-pounding Mapex Meridian Birch Kit with Sabian B20 Cymbals – RRP £650, Cymbals £350…ish!

Note that I have acquired these bits over time and the Guitar and B2 mic are second hand, the Sennheiser is borrowed and the rest was DEFINITELY on sale! So you can do this for a lot cheaper than the RRP’s shown here.

To follow will be details of how I record, where I put mics and probably some stories of the many gremlins that cause me to tear my hair out on a regular basis!

(if setting up this blog is anything to go by then it will be a long list!)

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