New drum mic set up for ‘Damage’

New tune ‘Damage’ sounding pretty good – recorded the drums with two mics that worked really well, getting much better sounds from the toms and snare – better impact (attack), without cymbals or hats being too loud or quiet (image below – click to expand).drum set up

You will likely need to adjust the position of the condenser mic to best effect – I got it as close as I could without obstructing my drumming. This has been a pretty good two-mic solution to recording drums.

Finished track can be heard here:

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One Response to New drum mic set up for ‘Damage’

  1. dannyemills says:

    A link to the finished song using this mic-ing pattern can be heard here It should play on entering the site but it’s the first track on the list…(I think) it’s pretty good!

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