New drum Mic position for ‘Say Nothing’

blog new mic position drum pic

So I am currently recording a new tune, bit heavier, bit Mogwai, Kyuss (in MY head anyway!) and probably only choral vocals (no lyrics) because frankly I think I am rubbish at them and I want to something more emotive and obscure.

But above is basically a slightly different drum mic placement for my (limited) mics…I have found it quite a nice position which doesn’t allow the cymbals to get too loud. Good for a limited mic placement. In a larger, more reflective room with a hard wall opposite the kick drum you could probably get away with it as the only mic BUT you’d have to be happy with the natural dynamics of the room.

I am thinking that if I dampen the sound in the room I use I would get a closer sound which would be give me more control over the drum dynamics with my limited mics…

So here is the finished article with the above drum mic positions


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